This process: This process starts with generating the scrap foam, mixing these granules into a mixing chamber with some fresh chemicals and then compressing such mixed granules into a mould of a pre defined size for a definite time period; thereby making a fresh cake of small, multi colored pieces of foam which can be further cut down to mattresses, sheets etc. and can be resold as rebonded foam.


Standard Equipment

Shredding Machine for shredding foam scrap.
Blower for conveying foam particles to mixing vessel
Mixing vessel for mixing foam particles with chemicals.
Press for compressing foam particles hydraulically.
Mould as per customer defined sizes.
Boiler for providing steam to the mould.

Optional Equipment

Silo for weighing foam particles along with load cells
Blower for transferring weighed foam to mixing vessel.
Spray pump fro spraying chemicals in the mixing vessel.
Pallet truck for moving the block.