PROCESS: All the P.U. chemicals are first mixed together in a mixing chamber & then taken into a metal trough where the initial reaction takes place. The rising foam then passes from the top of the trough on to a variable width fall plate, which then leads the expanding foam block along a metal slat conveyor for further expansion.

OUTPUTS: The machine is delivers a maximum of 200kg per minute.

METERING SYSTEM: There are seven metering systems in all. All metering system are equipped with world class AC motors, AC variable speeddrives, special internal gear pumps (for very low slippage), pressure gauges & Recirculation network to ensure high class quality product.

FOAMING TUNNEL & CONVEYOR: The tunnel construction forms a complete enclosure around the foam slab with top plates, side walls & conveyor slats. The conveyor motor is also equipped with AC speed drive. Side walls can be adjusted from 1.1–2 m. The length of the conveyor is 13 meters.

The company is fully capable of manufacturing any machinery as suited to customer's requirements. Full responsibility is undertaken by our competent personnel for layout, planning, training and successful trial run of the machines. We have already supplied foaming plants to units in India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Lebanon and Carribean subcontinents. We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure that the customers get their money's worth.

TROUGH & FALL PLATE: The Trough & fall plate section can be adjusted height wise at various levels to ensure more flattop blocks & is equipped with required motors & gearboxes.

PAPER FEED & REWIND: This is a 3-paper system. The bottom paper feed reel is mounted in front of the foaming platform & is equipped with unwinding motor for automatic operation. Rewinding of the side papers is at the other end of the tunnel & the rewinding speed is self –adjustable to synchronize with the conveyor speed.

CONTROL PANELS: This is attached at a convenient position on the foaming platform, & is equipped with necessary electronics, flow meters, pressure gauges & AC variable speed drives. .

Block Cut- off Machine: Block Cut - off Machine is either of traverse type or zilotine type as per the choice of customers both the machine work in manual as well as automode.