Circular/Horizontal Cutting Machine
Foam Machinery

Standard Assambly
The circular cutting machine is equipped with a rotating workbench which can be adjusted between 0.5 and 6 RPM. The workbench top consists of anti skid material. A vacuum device available in the cutting area, prevents the movement of blocks during cutting.

Programmable solid state counter with a variation of 0.1 mm of cutting thickness. Operator controls mounted on a free standing podium connected by flexibl conduit to the machine. Standard electric are 400-440 v, 3 Phase, 50 hz.


Standard Specifications

  Auto Horizontal Cutting Machine AHCM Circular Cutting Machine CC-8 Circular Cutting Machine CC-11
Cutting Height 1210 1320 1320
Cutting Width 2130 2280 2280
Table size 2130 x 2400 O. D. 5690 O. D. 6690
Floor Space 3660 x 4880 5690 x 6860 6690 x 7860
Height of Machine 2240 3710 3710
Power Required 6 HP 20 HP 22 HP
Vacuum Holding None 12 HP 12 HP