Circular/Horizontal Cutting Machine


Standard Assambly

The circular cutting machine is equipped with a rotating workbench which can be adjusted between 0.5 and 6 RPM. The workbench top consists of anti skid material. A vacuum device available in the cutting area, prevents the movement of blocks during cutting.

Programmable solid state counter with a variation of 0.1 mm of cutting thickness. Operator controls mounted on a free standing podium connected by flexibl conduit to the machine. Standard electric are 400-440 v, 3 Phase, 50 hz.

Circular/Horizontal Cutting Machine
Circular/Horizontal Cutting Machine
Circular/Horizontal Cutting Machine
Horizontal Cutting Machine
Horizontal Cutting Machine
Circular Cutting Machine
Horizontal Cutting Machine

  Auto Horizontal Cutting Machine AHCM Circular Cutting Machine CC-8 Circular Cutting Machine CC-11
Cutting Height 1210  1320 1320
Cutting Width 2130 2280 2280
Table size 2130 x 2400 O. D. 5690 O. D. 6690  
Floor Space 3660 x 4880  5690 x 6860 6690 x 7860
Height of Machine 2240 3710 3710
Power Required  6 HP 20 HP 22 HP
Vacuum Holding  None  12 HP 12 HP

These machines can be used in cutting of a variety of materials like PU, PE, PVC and as well as other soft and rigid materials.

Standard Features

Cutting unit in solid welded construction designed for optimum performance. 
Four dynamically balanced knife wheels. 
The table top made from Aluminium sheet. 
A knife guide with hard metal sliding elements to maintain exact cutting position. 

Optional Features

Motorised upper guide height adjustment. 
Both sides grinding of blade to cut in both directions. 
Fixed table with moving cutting frame



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